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About Us

OneTricks.gg helps players optimize their gameplay in League of Legends. Instead of relying on pro players, we source match data from high elo one tricks/mains. Many champions are not popular among pro players, and even pro players learn from one tricks. We believe this data will be truly valuable for the community and help players of all skill levels: from beginners to seasoned pro players.

We provide a ranking list of top one tricks to help players discover innovative and talented players to follow and learn from. All players are Masters+ and found across the 3 major region servers: EUW, KR, and NA.

Created by gamers for gamers. Having played for years, we found the best way to master a champion is to learn from the best. So we created a platform that can facilitate this learning process by making the best players more accessible to the community. Our vision is to become a primary source for all players looking to improve their gameplay.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product and appreciate all feedback given. If you have any feedback please feel free to email us at support@onetricks.gg or join our community on Discord

If you know of/have a streamer account that you would like to submit, please refer to this form