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Aurelion Sol
vs Ekko

Learn how to vs Ekko as Aurelion Sol. We aggregate Aurelion Sol vs Ekko high elo matchup stats from Aurelion Sol one tricks and mains


Aurelion Sol Mains
vs Ekko Mid

vs EkkoOverall Stat
51.1%55.6%Win Rate
30 CS Diff pre 6
-2-4 CS Diff at 15
-6-1 CS Diff
-75-89 Gold Diff pre 6
-622-422 Gold Diff at 15
-725-96 Gold Diff
-37-77 EXP Diff pre 6
-404-300 EXP Diff at 15
-32982 EXP Diff

Average Stats over Time

Gold Diff
CS Diff
EXP Diff

Number of games: 133
*Onetricks tend to have better-than-average stats due to their champion mastery
Aurelion Sol OTP Builds vs Ekko Mid