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Leona Counter

the Radiant Dawn

Who counters Leona? Learn how to counter Leona based on matchup stats against high elo Leona one tricks/mains and find the best Leona counter.

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Best Supp Picks
vs Leona Supp
Supp matchups against Leona onetricks with highest win rate (WR). *Win rates tend to be lower against onetricks
Best Lane Matchups
vs Leona Supp
Supp matchups during early laning phase against Leona onetricks with highest gold difference at 15 minutes (GD@15)
*Champion counter win rates are lower due to one tricks having higher average win rates overall

Leona Mains
vs All Supp Matchups

Overall Stat
53.6%Win Rate
3 CS Diff pre 6
7 CS Diff at 15
7 CS Diff
-76 Gold Diff pre 6
-192 Gold Diff at 15
-291 Gold Diff
9 EXP Diff pre 6
53 EXP Diff at 15
-77 EXP Diff

Average Stats over Time

Gold Diff
CS Diff
EXP Diff
*Onetricks tend to have better-than-average stats due to their champion mastery