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Thresh Counter

the Chain Warden

Who counters Thresh? Learn how to counter Thresh based on matchup stats against high elo Thresh one tricks/mains and find the best Thresh counter.

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*Champion counter win rates are lower due to one tricks having higher average win rates overall

Thresh Mains
vs All Supp Matchups

Overall Stat
57.4%Win Rate
1 CS Diff pre 6
1 CS Diff at 15
-3 CS Diff
3 Gold Diff pre 6
-20 Gold Diff at 15
-113 Gold Diff
15 EXP Diff pre 6
7 EXP Diff at 15
94 EXP Diff

Average Stats over Time

Gold Diff
CS Diff
EXP Diff
*Onetricks tend to have better-than-average stats due to their champion mastery